5 Creative Ideas For Corporate Videos

Running away from the ordinary is always a good idea to get attention and get more engagement. When we talk about corporate videos, it is common to think of a stationary camera focused on a person explaining. However, they can be much more interesting than that; be creative with your video ideas.

There are several formats, techniques, and strategies to make good corporate videos in video production companies like gillespie productions. Thus, whether in the company’s presentation, in technical instructional films and courses, or even programs for corporate TV, it is necessary to invest a little more in the creation and make them attractive to the employee.

Sharpen your inspiration on these with the creative ideas we’ve brought you in this post.

  1. Tell A Story

One of the inspiring techniques for making great videos — and one that generates engagement! — is storytelling, or simply, in free translation, telling a story. This way of making videos is based on creating an illustrative plot, showing the development of characters within the approached theme.

One of its main advantages is forming an empathic bond between the viewer and the video based on recognizing the situation as something personal. A good story creates emotion and makes it easier to fix the information conveyed in the final lesson.

  1. Teach How To Do It For Yourself

DIY (Do It Yourself) or DIY videos are a big hit on the internet and can also be found in companies. This type of video acts like an illustrated, moving manual, teaching you how to do something. Their logic, applied to corporations, is essentially in personnel training, but it can be used to increase teams’ efficiency and technical recycling.

  1. Use Fun Special Effects

Using good special effects can be a great way to break the monotony of a corporate video, but it must be done professionally and carefully. The exaggeration of special effects can cause visual pollution and generate the opposite result than expected.

Therefore, the producer must work the special effects feature within the general theme without extrapolating the optimization margin. Here, the market experience counts a lot to know how and when to insert this technique into incorporate videos.

  1. Make References To Memes And Viral

One of the ideas for corporate videos that have gained more space is the use of references to internet memes or viral and pop culture icons. This type of resource causes immediate identification and can guarantee excellent results with the team.

However, some attention is needed not to use memes and viral in the wrong contexts or out of their interpretation. This type of video is created to be used intensively for a shorter period. that internet memes and viral quickly fade away

  1. Create Animations

Another fantastic resource to use in corporate videos is animation. Today, with the advancement of computer graphics and technology, producers have the know-how and equipment capable of producing good animation drawings, which greatly facilitates various types of corporate videos.

As we can see, your business doesn’t need to be stuck with just one of many corporate video ideas. It is possible to be creative and authentic, increase team engagement and interest, and produce quality materials that are always available. Invest! And in addition to creative ideas, it is also essential to make good content.

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