5 Proven Tips For Great Sunset Photography

Imagine taking a photo with the background of a dramatic red or gorgeous pink sky. Your picture would look amazing. To get images that are impactful and stand out, you should consider sunset photography. This article will enable you to change your approach to creating professional sunset images.

Natural light photography tips.

  1. Learn photography.

Be it a beginner or professional photographer, know how to get the most out of your camera. Improve your photography skills by joining online classes. Take gorgeous photos from different adventures using your camera.

  1. Sunset silhouette photos.

To get an incredible sunset silhouette photo, consider the position of your object and the light intensity.

  • Pose.

You don’t want your silhouette photo to look like shadowy blobs. You should ensure that there is a separation between the body and limbs of the subjects.This way, the figure lines are visible. You may also capture them in action.

  • Light positioning.

Use the sun’s natural light at sunrise and sunset to take perfect silhouette images. It is because the sky is full of beautiful colors that create a dramatic effect on your photo. You can also use the streetlight, candlelight, moon, or firelight. Or if you prefer a more high quality, professional photo, you can also rent lighting equipment from Lighting Rental NYC. Ensure the subject is standing in front of the source of light.

  • Photography gear.

The digital lens and camera you use should be switchable from auto to manual mode. When the camera is in auto mode, you will get a lighter image. It is because the overall ambient light is exposed. Use the manual mode to control the light exposure.

  • Point of focus.

Avoid focusing on the entire scene behind and instead focus on your subject.

  1. Pockets of light.

To create dramatic imagery, you should find a place in a dark house with pockets of natural lighting and position your subject for striking. During the late hours of the day, find warm and last light falling indoors. This warm light will make your picture stunning.

  1. Create a halo of light.

You will need to place your subject between the camera and the source of light. This way edges of your subject will create a beautiful halo of light.

  1. Control the lens flare and light haze.

Lens flare can remove the wow factor of an image if you are shooting directly into the sun.

How can you avoid unwanted lens flare?

  • Use a lens hood. However, this doesn’t work with filters.
  • Ensuring the sun is out of the frame by adjusting your perspective. However,this alters the composition of your image.
  • Capturing more than one picture that is to be blended after processing. Place the camera on a tripod stand, create your unique composition, and the shot is taken. The sun is then covered up by placing a few fingers around the lens and another shot taken. Software like Adobe Photoshop is used to blend the pictures in post-processing.


The colorful sky and golden light make sunset photography popular. It can be a challenge to take a great sunset photo because you have to deal with the sun’s position, lens flare, light, and dynamic range.To make your image more appealing and unique, you should implement some of the tips highlighted above to stay on top of the game.

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