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There is that one photo that you can take and feel like a star. You may have not known how you did it but things suddenly fell into place and boom, a great photo. Being a great photographer is not all about being able to shoot one great photo once in a while, it is all about being able to repeat the awesomeness over and over. So, what is the secret? Is it luck, skills, a great camera, or what makes you a great photographer? Here are some of the things that can make you a great photographer

Know your camera very well

The first important thing to do if you want to be a great photographer is to know your camera very well. There are many photographers out there with great cameras but they do not know how to control it. Many are scared of learning the technical stuff in their camera. Some will opt for the aperture priority mode letting the camera do everything for them. Although this is fast, it is only by learning your camera that you can be able to produce nice pictures. Technology is advancing and cameras are smarter than ever. Whenever you buy a new camera, you should take the initiative to learn all the features of the camera. This is because not knowing important features will just hold you back. Knowing your camera very well is a very important part of Stephane Leon photography

Learn about exposure

If you wish to become a great photographer, you should learn about exposure. Once you have a clue about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, the next important step is to learn all about exposure. You need to learn how aperture, ISO, and shutter speed can be balanced to produce great exposure. Great exposure is simply how bright you would want the image to look. It all depends on you. If the photo is brighter than how you would wish it to be, that means that the photo is overexposed. You are the creative one and you should decide what your photo should look like.

Understand more about light

No photographer can be a master of light. Photographers depend on light to do their work. Lighting dictates how a photo will look at some point. Although you cannot be a master, it is very important to learn a few things about light. You just have to figure out how to work with light in different scenarios or circumstances. By doing so, you will come close to being a master of light in Stephane Leon photography.

Know about composition

As a photographer, you should also learn about composition. Composition is all about how you have organized different scene pieces and visual bits. Composition is broader than perspective.

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