Install Flower Walls at Your Wedding and Stun Your Guests

Planning wedding décor can be quite challenging because of the overwhelming number of décor options available. It’s the decor that elevates the aesthetic appeal of the wedding venue and sets the theme of the wedding. A one of the kind statement elements is what we need to create impactful memories for your guests.

Use flowers to adorn the wedding venue:

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. Flowers are bright, bold, eye-catching and serve as the focal point. Instead of spreading flowers across the venue, consider opting for a wall made of brightly-coloured flowers. Creating a stunning flower wall as a backdrop serves as a statement decor element and works well for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

If you are interested in incorporating flower walls for your wedding, get in touch with Blossmania. They are the go-to choice for hiring flower walls in the UK. They offer a handful of choices and feature natural-looking artificial flowers, which help you cut down cost since fresh flowers tend to be costly and hard to maintain. Check out these design inspirations.

  • Dark background coupled with greenery: To highlight the hanging greenery, place them in front of a dark coloured curtain. Add few light-coloured flowers to that extra pop of colours.
  • Soft tones: If you’d like to keep things subtle or match the bride’s gown, opt for mild tones that emit an airy and serene vibe. Place delicate soft-hued blooms in front of a pastel-shaded wall. Add dangling green tendrils for a whimsical touch.
  • Floral archway: Bring a bit of nature indoors with floral archways. Get married in front of a beautifully-designed floral arch which serves as the major local point. This garden-inspired setting looks picture-perfect during your vows exchange.
  • Floral circular installation: An alternative to traditional arch is a circular floral installation. The frame can be lined with greenery and filled inside with flowers or skip the greenery and fill it with pastel shade flowers.
  • Fairy tale effect with lights: Make the display look more ethereal by adding lights along with the flowers. Use a combination of pinks and pastel purples. Consider adding a base layer will flowers for a garden illusion.
  • Greenery wall: Take the bold route by opting for a dashing green wall with flowers of tonal shaded suspended from the top. The stark contrast of the wedding attire with dark greenery looks stunning.
  • Rustic-chic: Skip the background drape for the flowers and go all rustic by hanging the greenery elements from a branch. String buds in succession and mix it up with leaves to add more substance.
  • Floral accented signs: Do you want additional floral elements to adorn the space? Incorporate flowers at the entrance around the welcome sign to enchant guests upon their arrival.

Consider using charger plates of floral designs that perfectly complement the floral wall installed. Floral armchairs guarantee a fun photo session for the bridal couple and all guests. Liven up the vibe of your wedding venue with life-like flowers.

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