Top 6 Reasons Why Converting Old VHS Tapes to DVD Is Better

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There’s something truly magical about watching old home movies and reminiscing about the good ol’ times. The nostalgia kick you get from watching those memories play on your screen is incomparable. Watching your kid’s first steps, your dance recitals, your awkward prom video, and other family memories with your loved ones is a blessing.

However, when watching these videos on your VHS tape, you might have noticed their quality deteriorating over time. If you want to protect your priceless memories, it’s time to hire a VHS to DVD service to convert your old tapes into durable, high-quality DVDs.

6 Benefits of Converting Old VHS Tapes into DVDs

Here are six compelling reasons to trust to convert a VHS tape to DVD:

1.   Better Resolution

When you have your old VHS tape converted through a VHS to DVD service, you will not just lose the current resolution, but you will also notice a marked improvement in visual quality. It’s because VHS is a lower-resolution video format compared to DVD, in which the signal remains digital and doesn’t deteriorate with every play. It’s why you can continue to watch your recorded memories for years to come without worrying about the recording getting damaged or losing its quality due to misuse or overuse.

2.   Convenient Accessibility

Inarguably, the most frustrating aspect about using a VHS tape is that you have to rewind it to the beginning after each viewing. It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and can also potentially damage the tape. You will not have to face any such issue if you put your trust in a VHS to DVD converter service to convert your old tapes to a DVD format.

A digital laser will scan the disc and create easily accessible chapters and menus, allowing you to watch, pause, and skip through the film at your convenience. It enables you to re-watch your favorite parts over and over again without having to rewind the disc manually. Plus, the DVD menu offers you the option to choose where you want to start watching the movie each time.

3.   Compact & Lightweight

VHS tapes are notorious for being large, bulky, and taking up too much space in your home. Plus, it has always been a hassle to lend them to loved ones, especially if you have to carry them around in your bag. However, if you employ a VHS to DVD service, you can convert your bulky VHS tapes into sleek DVDs that will easily fit into your bag, take up less space in your home, will be easy to carry, and snugly fit into a single case.

4.   Durability

During the old 80s and 90s, most people assumed that magnetic tape or VHS would keep their loving memories secure forever. However, many of us have since discovered that to be untrue. A VHS tape will remain in prime condition for a few years, and then the film will start deteriorating, even if you don’t play the video over time. It means that one day, your precious memories will be unplayable.

That is certainly not the case with DVDs. They offer you improved durability and are easier to take care of than VHS tapes. It’s why your best bet to preserve your memories is to hire a transfer VHS to DVD service. This way, you can avoid losing your film due to a damaged VHS tape.

5.   Increased Shareability

In today’s technologically advanced world, lending a loved one a VHS tape often ends up being futile because they don’t have a VHS player at home. However, that is not the case with DVDs since we all have a device that we can use to play a DVD. It makes sharing DVDs a much better option than VHS tapes.

So, if you work with a VHS to DVD converter service to convert all your old tapes to DVS, you can easily pack them and send them to loved ones across the world. What’s more is that you can even burn DVDs onto a computer and send the files to your loved ones in an email.

6.   Multiple Play Options

VHS tapes are played on VHS players that are no longer in production, and not many of us have one at home. However, DVD players are not just limited to DVD players. You can play them on your laptop, computer, and gaming console. So, even if you don’t own a DVD player, you will still have some device that can easily play a DVD. With the VHS video to DVD transfer service, you can ensure that you have multiple playing options for your footage.

We hope the list mentioned above has persuaded you to hire a transfer VHS to DVD service right away to protect your precious footage from getting damaged.

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