Get the Venue and Photographer Right for a Perfect Wedding

It finally happened for you. Your new fiancé asked the question almost every woman wants to hear in her lifetime, and you agreed! Now that you have a wedding to plan, it can be difficult to handle the many demands now on your plate. The key to a beautiful and stress-free wedding is to book everything you need as early as possible.

The Venue

The right location is important for your venue, and Cape Town is one of the most beautiful and popular locations in the world for weddings. The venues there are beautiful beyond compare, and your wedding will be something out of your wildest dreams if you hold it there. However, its enormous popularity means that most venues are booked months in advance. The only way to ensure that you get the date and time that you need is to book the moment you know what you want.

Remember that the best venues do not force you to share your date or time with another wedding group. Once you have the venue booked, that is one less issue on your plate you can check off the list. Wedding venues in Cape Town are gorgeous, large enough to handle even the biggest families, and perfectly suited for your wedding photos.

The Photographer

Amy Green says that the best photographers are also booked months in advance, and for that reason, you need to secure one as early as possible. It may seem as if you have a lot of things to book early, but this is done to ensure that you do not miss out on the best. If you wait too long, you may find yourself forced to rely on a professional with less experience, or worse, a family friend with a photography hobby.

An amateur photographer is not guaranteed to get the best shots or know enough to take advantage of lighting, angles, and other tools. If you hire a family friend, he or she may show up underdressed with nothing but a digital camera in hand. To get the best photos possible and capture your beautiful wedding at its greatest moments, you need to rely on a professional. Therefore, you need to book early.

The Caterer

This should be one of the simplest issues to cross off the list, as the best wedding venues include meals with their services. In fact, the most impressive venues offer a vast menu with a wide range of options. From this, you can then choose your three-course meal and even follow any dietary requirements needed. For example, there should be vegetarian options available for those people on your guest list who do not eat meat.

The easiest way to handle your catering needs is to bundle your catering with your venue. Once you know that your food and location are secured in one booking, you can focus your energy on other matters. Important needs, such as the perfect wedding dress and how you want to style your hair, should be next on your agenda. As you plan the perfect wedding, remember that this is the chance for you to shine brighter than anyone else. You deserve the perfect venue, photos, and catering to make your wedding unforgettable.

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